• Some sites are moving to all video – a risky, short-sighted move.

  • Readers still crave high-quality stories and written analysis.

  • Readership numbers are still excellent when the content published is excellent.

But in an era of budget cuts and staff reductions, high-quality written content:

  • Can be expensive
  • Isn’t always accessible


All of the content accessible on the Featurd platform is completely FREE for publishers.
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Stories are written by experienced writers.
Stories are reviewed and approved by Featurd editorial team.

On Demand

Content is full searchable.
Subscribe to alerts for new stories on specific events, topics, etc.

Easy to integrate

Featurd stories are easy to publish with a simple copy and paste.

Stories appear seamlessly with your website/app. No differentiation in look and feel between staff-written stories and stories from Featurd.
Featurd is fully responsive on desktop and mobile. Even customize CSS and article templates.
Featurd is built to help you generate more traffic: Automatic linking of tags to internal pages keeps users on your site (ex. Donaldson’s name linked to Donaldson’s page).

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Value for the writer  

  • Distribution at scale
    • Access to new publishers
  • More revenue than existing networks
    • Existing Contributor Network ($1 CPM)
    • Other content networks = $25/story

  Value for the publisher

  • Access to fresh, on-demand, FREE content
  • Additional content = additional revenue
    • Featurd ads are all new inventory
    • All ads sold by Featurd
    • No revenue cannibalization