Why a Partnership with Featurd Works


Additional Content = Additional Revenue

All publishers understand that to get more page views — and more advertising dollars — you require a steady supply of quality content. But creating content can be a costly endeavour and the return on your investment is minimal and sometimes negligible.

Featurd‘s new business model for publishing content offers a chance to populate your website with quality content for FREE. We sell the ads. We provide the content. Publishers reap the rewards of a growth in their web traffic and gain the ability to also sell ads to Featurd content. Featurd ads are all new inventory and we ensure that there is no revenue cannibalization.


Easy Integration

Featurd stories are easy to publish using a simple copy and paste. Stories appear seamlessly with your website/app and there is no differentiation in look and feel between staff-written stories and stories from FeaturdFeaturd content is fully responsive on all desktop and mobile platforms and is built to help you generate more traffic to your website with automatic linking of tags to internal pages in order to keep users on your site (ex. Donaldson’s name linked to Donaldson’s page).

``Success is where preparation and opportunity meet`` — Four-time Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser

Always Free

All of the content accessible on the Featurd platform is completely FREE for publishers.
Publish one story or 100 stories — it’s still FREE! So what’s the catch? There isn’t one. We rely on our partners to help distribute out content and advertising. Publishers count on us to deliver stories that drive traffic to their websites. It’s that simple!

Quality Stories

All of Featurd stories are written by experienced, knowledgable writers. We cover the topics that matter from across all major sports. We even have stories about fantasy sports and betting lines.
All of our stories are reviewed and approved by the Featurd editorial team, which is made up of professionals with decades of experience.

On-Demand Content

Featurd content is full searchable and we offer publishers the opportunity to subscribe to alerts for new stories on specific leagues, teams, events, topics, etc. Due to the flexibility of our editorial team, we can tailor content to suit your readership and marketplace. Can you afford not to use our customizable, free content?

Major Leagues, Major Events


Featurd's Lineup of Writers

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