Writer submits story to Featurd

Ability to insert tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc. Writer can attach licensed images.

Featurd validates the submission

Analysis: Search for player names, team names, etc. Add metadata to text, Search for best location for ads tags

Publisher accesses story

Publisher can search by keyword (ex. Blue Jays, Donaldson, etc.) and subscribe to receive email alerts (new Blue Jays stories available). Copy/paste article tag in CMS (sent in email alerts). Can automatically link story’s metadata to site pages (Donaldson metadata -> Donaldson page)

Story is published

Story is displayed if no ad blocker is installed on browser. Featurd is fully responsive and will adapt story to user's device.

Featurd sells ads against the content to generate revenue and pay writers.

When a story is published, Featurd injects code into breaks in the story to display ads that have been sold.

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